An AWS S3 + Cloudfront alternative designed to make static file hosting simple

Using AWS S3 is overkill for static file hosting. It’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Join hundreds of customers and deploy in minutes, for free!

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AWS S3 is just Storage

and is Hosting, Distribution, and Management

Get your content online globally with HTTPS and a branded domain in minutes.

The process of deploying static content today is complicated and time-consuming. Solutions like AWS S3 with the Cloudfront CDN require manual uploading, a separate content delivery network (CDN) configuration, a laborious review of raw data logs, calculating AWS pricing on outbound and inbound bandwidth data transfer fees, and tedious cache flushing each time you make an update.

Until now, there wasn’t a solution to getting content online quickly with the simplicity of cloud storage without sacrificing the reliable scalability and performance of a CDN. simplifies and automates the cumbersome steps required to add, manage, update, deploy, and analyze static assets directly on our enterprise CDN using Akamai or Cloudflare. Plus, there are no surprise usage bills, and you can even use a branded, custom domain name.

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Better than enterprise file sync software (EFSS)

The platform tightly integrates with your current workflows and preferred file management and cloud storage services - meaning any update to the image folder is instantly published for you. Use any or all of the following cloud storage providers:

  • Google Drive
  • GitHub
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • MediaFire
  • Box

Fast, easy, secure, integrated, global, scalable

And if that wasn‘t enough, includes:

Integrated enterprise CDN for lightning-fast global deploys

Ample amounts of included Bandwidth bundled with each tier

Visual dashboard to easily browse and manage your hosted content and websites.

RESTful API access for developers. Automate your deployment workflow.

Detailed, accurate analytics data sent to either Google Analytics or Mixpanel. To learn more, click here.

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Product Use Cases

For more details and information on how to use the platform, review a few business use cases below.


Fullstack Developer
Industry: Restaurant Chain
Need: Sharing public static files

Situation: Here’s Raj, he is a full-stack developer at a multi-state restaurant chain. They use AWS for their POS systems and other administrative infrastructure, but he often needs a solution to post branding, nutrition, specials, and additional information quickly for employees and the public. He usually uses S3 storage on his current AWS account and adds Cloudflare. He needs to deliver estimated costs for the project using multiple AWS pricing calculators, configures the solution, and manually uploads files. Then when users access the documents, they are not on a branded domain (they are on the AWS URL), and getting user analytics is tedious.

Solution: He created a account and connected his Dropbox cloud storage. After dragging and dropping his files into his folder, he was online with a custom and secure domain in minutes.

Typical Results: Raj will save between 6 - 40 hours worth of time, at a third the cost, and with fewer hassles.


Fullstack Developer
Industry: Software
Need: Sharing public static files

Situation: Samantha works at an established SaaS company and needs a place to host her product documentation, where it would be easy to publish and update versions, as well as a fast and seamless user experience. She has access to her enterprise cloud computing account but lacked the technical expert resources to get her documents published on a CDN and managed on her timeline.

Solution: Samantha discovered there were not many cost-effective yet easy enterprise solutions that were also scalable until she found Within a few minutes, she opened an account, connected her Mediafire drive, and synced her files.

Typical Results: Her team was able to get their 1st versions online in record time and were able to update versions quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience. Samantha’s team also appreciated the ability to use their current Google Analytics account to track all the user behavior on the site, giving them the most in-depth user insights for future projects.

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