Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Fast. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Fast allows you to create static content web servers linked to your existing Cloud Storage accounts. You can receive detailed logs or have analytics sent directly to a 3rd party. All content is backed by industry leading CDN's.

Our API allows you to create, delete and modify servers, manage analytics, get status, fetch logs, modify and review billing, and modify user settings.

The 3 key benefits to fast are:

  1. Create Web Servers backed by your existing cloud storage provider.
  2. Get the benefit of industry-leading CDN's without the contracts. We pass the volume cost savings along to you.
  3. Analytics are pushed to your existing provider like Google Analytics making it easy to visualize and track usage.

As such, there are 3 key components to each Fast implementation.

  1. The Cloud Storage Provider. This is where your content is stored.
  2. The CDN. This is how your content is delivered.
  3. The Analytics Provider. This is where analytics about transfers are reported to.

Our API does not allow you to create accounts, add new Cloud Storage Providers ("Providers") to an account, Login, or create API Keys.

Fast support four cloud storage providers in this version of the API:

Supported Providers


Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive



Follow the quick steps below to get started.

Getting an Account

  1. Register an account. This will also add at least one Provider to your account.
  2. Go to your user settings.
  3. Create an API Token.

Create and Configure a Server

Details available on the Create Server API Reference.

Enable the Server

$ curl \
    -X POST \
		-H "Authorization: yffaenajzny66mrdiuk6s6dvk6ef2gq7ia72" \
    -d name=MyDropboxServer \
    -d storage=dropbox

Configure Analytics

Analytics are configured by setting up an analytics profile using the Create Profile endpoint. Once the profile is created, you assign the profile to your Server using the Update Server endpoint.

Add Content to the Folder

Adding content to the Server is done through the Cloud Storage Provider. Go to your provider's interface (desktop, web, or mobile), into your Application folder, find the server folder, and add files or folders. The server folder in these examples is "MyServer".

Access your Personal CDN

Int his example, indexing is turned on so the root directory of the server is directly available at the URL